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Though the Government has set up Community Health Centres and Primary Health Centres to cover the entire population of the country, facilities at these centres are highly stretched. Adequate resources are generally not available at these centres to cater to the needs of the people.

While private entrepreneurs do set up various types of healthcare facilities in urban areas, there are major gaps in rural and semi-urban areas, where industries can contribute. The healthcare interventions of the Foundation are aimed to fill these gaps


  • To provide mobile health care services in and around Panasonic Plant where the basic access to health service is lacking in the villages.
  • Increase access to health care in an underserved area: To ensure healthcare through mobile clinic into a community with limited access, specifically to those who are uninsured or underinsured.
  • To ensure curative health care: To prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for common ailments and diagnosis and referral to hospital for serious cases.
  • To educate and build health awareness: To raise awareness about preventive healthcare issues including family planning, communicable and other diseases, in the villages.
  • The clinic also integrates patients into existing social services and health care systems through referrals.
  • To provide free episodic care at a time and place chosen to best serve our target population.


Mobile Health Care Van was started by Jubilant Bhartia Foundation with support from Panasonic India Ltd to provide improved access to affordable health care services in 12 villages of Jhajjar District.

Phase I Area [Dec – Mar 2014]

S.No Village Name Population Coverage No of Families
1 Dadri Toye 3531 706
2 Kokrala/Munimpur 2269 454
3 Sojipur 542 108
4 Yaqubpur 2362 472
5 Nangla 1231 246
6 Kutani 1560 312
  Total 11495 2298

Phase II Area [April’14 onwards]

S.No Village Name Population Coverage No of Families
1 Sondhi 2089 418
2 Nimana 1676 335
3 Bir Dadri 2000 400
4 Kaloi 2094 419
5 Aurangpur 2000 400
6 Zahidpur 2000 400
  Total 11859 2372

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