Understanding the need for efficient and contact less services model amidst pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, the foundation has taken a step-ahead to develop a robust and sustainable model for i t s healthcare delivery system through Telemedicine.

JUBI CARE’ is a telemedicine application conceptualized & developed by Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF). This telemedicine interface provides a real-time Patient - Doctor consultation through text/audio/video. JUBI CARE app uses ICT for the exchange of information for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by a certified medical professional. The applications aim at addressing the health issues of patients by health workers without unnecessary exposure to infections. The application provides immediate support and delivery of healthcare services to the underserved communities in rural and urban areas without travel.


  • To extend immediate support and delivery of healthcare services to the society in our project area to fight with the situation emerged due to pandemic COVID-19
  • Leveraging technology to provide inclusive, accessible, affordable and acceptable       delivery of health care services to underserved communities in rural areas.
  • To provide safety to all stakeholders and create a contact less health delivery system
  • Enhance operational efficiency and patient satisfaction thereby building a brand value and strong trust among the community.

Values for the project Beneficiaries

  • Saves cost and effort especially of rural patients, as they need not t ravel long di stances for obtaining consul tat ion and treatment .
  • Real Time & Contactless Healthcare services with safety from communicable diseases
  • Reduces the inconvenience/impact to family and caregivers and social factors.

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