JBF focuses on enhancing the employability and livelihood opportunity of the community through skill development.


  • Sustainable livelihood opportunity for all
  • Improving the livelihood of small and marginal farmers in the project area


  • To create institutions with forward linkages providing vocational training
  • To create awareness amongst target farmers regarding best practices in agriculture and cattle rearing.

Mode of Action:

Vocational training centres, Self help group, Training and capacity building of farmers, Soil testing, Artificial insemination centre and Cattle health camps.


  • Increased employability of youths
  • Increased crop productivity
  • Awareness amongst farmers regarding best farm technologies

JBF has structured its livelihood framework for improving employability of youths in the vicinity of the manufacturing locations of the community. The four domains of the training programs catering to the individual needs are Technical Literacy, Vocational Training, Life Skill Training and Subsistence Living Training.

Technical Literacy

It involves engaging students in skillful activities like embroidery, carpentry and pottery etc. JBF has initiated Technical Literacy program in select upper primary ‘Muskaan’ schools to enable the students to gain hands-on learning experience beyond the generic learning programs and to equip them with marketable/employable skills in commensurate with their own interest.

Life Skill Training

It includes enhancing the employability of youths through soft skill training like Computer literacy, Spoken English and WPS. This program mostly enrolls the youths who are in college and are gearing themselves for entering the job market. This kind of training adds value to their present skills

Vocational Training

JBF has partnered with a social enterprise (LabourNet) and is extending trainings on various Modular Employable Skills (MES) with forward linkages for placement and self Employment. It conducts skill development programs at the Vocational Training Centers (VTC) at different locations aimed at helping the trainees find 'vocation for life' on successful completion. The training programs has a wide array of trades like mobile & tractor repairing, stitching, retail management, soft skill development and beautician courses. There are three vocational training centre of JBF located at Gajraula, Nanjangud and Nira.

Subsistence Living Training

The rural women can break the shackles of poverty when they get appropriate opportunities and an enabling environment, echoing the same belief, JBF trains the women to form SHGs (Self-Help Groups) and link them to bank. They are also motivated to open a microenterprise to add to the total income of their family.

The framework of our training program targets the candidates from adolescence to youths. The technical training program reaches to school while vocational training centres provides skills to the youths of the community around. The women are also trained and motivated to be self employed through subsistence level training program.

The training centres are strategically positioned in the semi rural areas having dearth of learning opportunities. Our programs reach out to the rural youths who make 60% of Indian population.

‘Project Samriddhi’

The Company had launched ‘Project Samriddhi’ at Kapasan and Gajraula last year to promote best agricultural practices through various activities. The project is closely linked with the Crop Nutrition, Crop Growth and Crop protection Agri products segment of the Company which has a wide base in the nearby community by promoting best practices in agriculture and preserving/improving soil nutrition.

Economic empowerment for women:

Under the subsistence level training program, JBF trains the women to form SHGs (Self-Help Groups) and link them to bank. They are also motivated to open a microenterprise to add to the total income of their family.

The rural women can break the shackles of poverty when they get appropriate opportunities and an enabling environment.

Success Story

JBF under livelihood framework provided tailoring skills to the SHG named Shree Siddappaji Mahila Hioligegarara Swa Sahaya Sangha having 21 women members at Kallahali Village at Nanjangud location. With the infrastructure support from the Foundation the SHG started its own Uniform Stitching Centre.

Jubilant pioneered in providing work to the SHG by giving them the project of uniform stitching of its own employees. Subsequently, the other Organisation in the nearby area also started getting their uniform stitched by them. At present there are 26 members in the group significantly contributing towards their net family income.

Assignments received by Kallahali uniform stitching Centre:

  • Jubilant Pharmova Limited
  • Durghambha ent.prises(Nestle Maggie Plant)
  • Tejswini Ent.prs. (Nestle Maggie plant)
  • Srikanteswara enteprise. (Nestle Maggie plant) Sri Mahadevaswamy Contractor. (AT&S)
  • Office boy Uniforms (Jubilant Pharmova)
  • Readymade Dress Making

After the success of the tailoring centre, JBF is planning to leverage the project by providing the support to more such women and making them economically independent. The institute is having a capacity of accommodating up to 40 candidates.










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